The Marines Have Taken the Web by Storm!

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We've been shocked and awed by the huge number of happy reviews coming from all corners of the Web as people have unboxed their Marines and gotten them ready for the table!


Here are just a few of our favorites! Click on the images to go straight to the reviews at their various websites!


We'll start off with some eye-candy from Ironworker:




A very full review on Wargame News and Terrain in Belgium:



Rath of Un has a multi-part review on his blog with work-in-progress shots:



Ted's Painttable is FULL of Marines:



A comprehensive review on Dakka Dakka by MrMoustaffa:



Not to be outdone, Irrational Number Line Games did both an extreme environment squad AND a crazy conversion with skeleton heads showing some real creativity with them!



We'll add more to our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/defiancegames as they come in!


Ready to get yours? Click here to grab a box of 24 UAMC Marines for $29.95 in our webstore!


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  • AoM
    06 June 2012 at 12:42 |

    I would have sworn I painted a pair of these guys. ;-P

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